First Mate Training

Handling vessels of any size is best suited for two or more crew, a Skipper to master the vessel, make the operational decisions and execute them from the helm, and a First Mate to handle lines and deck operations.
A Savvy First Mate can make or break close quarter maneuvers, anchoring, docking, etc. Establishing communication methods and nomenclature prior to execution will generally produce well executed maneuvers. Nothing is more rewarding than a smoothly executed docking in a busy port with you and your First Mate making it look easy!
Captain Mike offers First Mate training independent of Skipper training, as well as combined sessions to “Bring it all together” on your Vessel. First Mate training includes basic line handling, knots, anchoring and docking, communication, systems, navigation, regulations and emergency procedures, up to and including, taking over the helm.
SavvySkipper can improve the performance and execution of you and your crew so everyone can enjoy the waterways in a safe and competent manner!