Delivery Services

Ferry, Placement, Delivery and Crew services are all available through SavvySkipper.
Winter storage often requires your vessel to be moved from its berth to a haul out and storage location, let SavvySkipper inspect then deliver your Vessel to storage and return her to berth in Spring. This service includes a thorough inspection at origin and reviewed at destination. This documents your Vessels condition prior to storage and then the same document is used for inspection at pick up in the spring. This process helps to identify maintenance and/or repair issues.
Placement of your Vessel at a vacation destination on the Great Lakes is also available through SavvySkipper. Vacation time is always at a premium in today’s world. Let SavvySkipper run the “long leg” and get your vessel to the start of your voyage. You and your family enjoy the exploring of new ports and when vacation is over, SavvySkipper will ferry her back to home port saving you the transit time.
We have available qualified crew for Delivery, Placement or Ferry services.
Captain Mike can also be hired as crew for owner/master transits.
SavvySkipper also has Yacht Management Services for select Vessels.