On Board Training

Captain Mike is a US Powerboating Certified Cruising Powerboat Instructor.

The best way for most people to learn is by doing. When learning something new and it goes well, triumph is in your heart… Excellent!

However, when trying something new, and it goes askew … well … that could mean anything from a “whoops” … to a VERY expensive repair, or God forbid… some one gets injured. Gaining confidence and knowledge is essential for any Skipper. Doing it safely is paramount!

Having the benefit of experience and clear advise from an qualified mariner “On your Vessel” changes the learning dynamic from seeking and trying to apply hypothetical and general knowledge, to actually and efficiently gaining specific and relevant knowledge as it applies to your particular boat and environment.

As a US Powerboating Certified Cruising Powerboat Instructor Captain Mike offers the benefit of a recognized and proven learning program designed for the benefit of the students.
US Powerboating offers programs that are accepted in states that require operator licensing. The emphasis of the training is centered on safe boat handling and navigation, as well as communication with crew and Rules of Navigation. Emergency procedures are also properly addressed.

On Vessel Training is informative, challenging and fun!